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Googling what we need has become almost a reflex action. That considered, the reality is clear: if your business does not appear in these searches, you are probably missing out on the majority of opportunities to sell your products and services. Positioning a website on the first page results podium is essential, since your business will be practically invisible otherwise. For this, Ekuánime is the SEO agency with the best web positioning professionals in the area.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is nothing more than a set of techniques, using which, our team of experts will make your website appear in the first search results. Therefore, we always rely on a two-fold strategy: first, we work on on-page SEO, which combines a mix of technical improvements with the creation of quality content. Then comes the off-page SEO strategy, in which we focus on getting backlinks or quality links on reference websites in each sector, as well as on social media. The success of the good web positioning relies on the use of simultaneous strategies focused on achieving the parameters set by the search engine algorithm.

To reach the top of the mountain, you have to start by understanding how to climb. For this reason, at Ekuánime we become a Google Partner SEO agency. This title is granted by Google to agencies that, under close scrutiny, quintessentially meet the requirements that show a broad understanding of the web positioning process and advertising management on the search engine.

At Ekuánime, we are in continuous training, so our team has the certificates that certify the knowledge of Google products. In each new update, we work to catch up and offer our clients the latest trends in web positioning.

SEO Agency in Seville Google Partner

How do we achieve web positioning in Seville?

In order to implement a strategy that leads to the achievement of the search engine positioning objectives, our experts get fully involved with the client, applying their technical knowledge in the field to the interests specified by the brand. To achieve web positioning in any city, we always work based on a series of premises.

Site audit

When your website falls into our hands, the first step is to check the state of it. To this end, we conduct a comprehensive audit, taking both internal and external technical and content factors into account. This way, we will know which strategy to use.

Initial proposal

Once we understand the state of the website, we can work on the steps necessary to improve it, and achieve the established objectives, keeping the client informed of the defined strategy at all times.

Adjustments and maintenance

When the work begins, our SEO technicians will make all the necessary adjustments and modifications to achieve the top positions in the main search engines. Once the website is functioning optimally, we will carry out daily maintenance work to maintain good results.

Personalised reports

You will receive a report on a monthly basis, which you can use to analyse your results, at all times knowing how your business is positioned in comparison with competition, as well as actions that have been taken to achieve the results.

At Ekuánime, we make sure your customers find what they are looking for in your business.