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Management of Online Image

When our potential clients look for our company on the internet, we hope that they find a positive image that will lead them to make a purchase or contract our services. However, we must bear in mind that having a presence on the internet exposes us in every way and, on occasion, we may have a negative experience generated by a dissatisfied customer or employee, or an attack on our reputation by a competitor.

In these cases, the Ekuánime digital team uses their necessary training and experience to delete negative comments on Google and whatever social network it may concern, looking after your image and online presence of the company.

Appearing in Google’s top results with a negative impression can lead to a crisis that can result in profit loss and serious problems at a corporate level. Therefore, the most effective tool is having a team of experts like Ekuánime that periodically monitors all your online mentions, anticipating any type of negative experience and having a defined strategy in the event of such a crisis. It is clear to us that the best solution to any loss of reputation is undoubtedly, prevention.

On the contrary, if you are looking for help deleting negative comments on Google, and the crisis has already occurred, and you don’t have any strategy to respond to it, we can also help you. Our team will analyse your case in detail, creating a strategy to follow so that we can delete negative comments on search engines such as Google or Bing, thus managing to clean up your company’s image by means of the tools we have available for this purpose.

We delete negative comments on Google

We work on your brand reputation on social networks

Social media is the best online demonstration you have to showcase your business. However, it can also turn against us and reflect a negative image caused by unfortunate comments or customers dissatisfied with our management. It is therefore important to have a crisis management plan that takes care of the brand’s reputation on social media, anticipating any negative situation in which we may find ourselves immersed.

At Ekuánime, we are experts in creating these plans, always making sure that your social media profiles remain clean and positive.
In case you need a brand reputation management service on social networks after the crisis has already happened, you can count on our help. We will draw up an action plan in which we will include the actions to be taken to redirect the crisis, so that it becomes an opportunity to stabilise the image of the business.

At Ekuánime we look after your image for an always positive experience.