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Kit Digital

Kit Digital: Are you a SME or you self-employed? Take advantage of the digitalisation grants from the European Next Generation Funds.

What is the Kit Digital programme for SMEs and the self-employed?

With the European Next Generation Fund, our country receives 140,000 euros that are distributed across different lines within the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan. Among the digitalisation methods of this plan, we find the Kit Digital programme.

Kit Digital is a programme aimed at SMEs and the self-employed that is being carried out by the Spanish Government, thanks to the European Next Generation Funds.
Its objective is to focus on the implementation of digital solutions of small and micro-businesses, as well as self-employed workers, and seeks to get them to strongly enter the online world.

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What will the Digital Kit grants consist of?

The objective of the grants of the Kit Digital Programme for SMEs and self-employed is to finance these companies in terms of digitisation.

  • A total of 3 billion euros will be distributed for digital innovation.
  • Digitalisation solutions will focus on website and online presence, e-commerce, and social media management, among others.
  • In this way, many companies will start to work on their digital strategy, as there are many SMEs that have not done so.

Who can ask for the Kit Digital?

SMEs, micro companies and self-employed individuals in any sector that have between 1 and 49 employees, and:

  • Are up to date with tax and social security obligations
  • Do not qualify as a company experiencing a business crisis.
  • Do not surpass the de minimis aid limit (small amounts of aid)
  • Take the Digital Maturity Level assessment by completing the diagnostic test available at

In Ekuánime, we are Digital Agents of Kit Digital

We are a digital solutions provider and a member of the Digital Kit Programme, so you can enjoy a wide range of services of great interest to you:

  • Website and internet presence. We create or improve your website and its maintenance so that your company has an online presence.
  • E-Commerce. We design an eCommerce with your company’s products and services. You will also benefit from maintenance and management services.
  • Cybersecurity We offer cybersecurity services, with the objective of preventing and solving these types of attacks, keeping your digital information safe at all times.
  • Social media management. From a range of social networks, we choose those that best suit your business, and offer you personalised and professional content that is of great interest to your followers.

How do I enter the online world with excellent results?

At Ekuánime, we promise to achieve goals thanks to a series of points that will be of great interest to your company:

We create a digital marketing strategy

This strategy will be personalised to your company and will bring together different digital domains to achieve all your goals.

You will be present in the digital world

We work to ensure that your company is in the most appropriate place to achieve a community that is constantly growing and interacting with your brand.

You will rank in the first pages of search engines

Being in the first pages will help you be visible in your sector and you will see an increase in product-interest.

The investment you make will be very profitable

Investing in Facebook or Google Ads will help you reach more people, raise awareness of your brand and increase purchases of your products or services.

There are many sectors that already benefit from our services:
  • Agronomy
  • Transport
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Restoration
We want to be your Digitalising Agent, so that if you have any doubts, we can advise you on how to manage the Digital Kit Programme subsidies.