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Google Workspace

When a company has the right technology, its management comes naturally. That’s why we 100% believe in Google Workspace for companies. Google Workspace is Google’s suite of tools that will help you improve aspects such as communication, teamwork, or file storage in your company, in an easy way, and completely online.

Ekuánime is a Google Cloud authorised distributor, and we ourselves count on the services of Google Workspace that it is the system we use in-house, making us the clearest success story for our own customers. In addition, we have a team of engineers who are experts in the different tools that they manage, and are ready to install, configure and upgrade the system whenever necessary.

Communication, between employees of the same company, customers, and suppliers, is so essential that without it, a company would not survive. Therefore, we configure the Google Workspace communication tools for your company, making it easier for you to connect in a homogeneous and efficient way.

Communicate effectively with Google Workspace Services


Gmail, a secure and private email service. Our team shall be responsible for creating your E-mail network or changing your previous E-mail service, configuring it with your personalised domain and company name. Thanks to its multi-platform characteristics, you will be able to access it from anywhere just by entering the Gmail URL in the search bar.


Do you find it difficult to organise the tasks, events and meetings of your team? Calendar is the Google Workspace tool for businesses that allows you to organise teamwork on a synchronized calendar for all members, 100% online. You will have acces, to member visibility, alerts and scheduling at a glance, and from any device. With Calendar, you will be able to spend less time scheduling and more time doing.


With Chat you will be able to communicate with your team instantly and in real time. You will be able to organise it by departments, streamlining communication and achieving greater fluidity between the team's tasks. What's more, with the Google Workspace services tool, you will be able to easily organise meetings and video calls, saving time on travel expenses.

Work collaboratively with Google Workspace for businesses

Shortening delivery times is vital for any company. That’s why Google Workspace has a series of collaborative office tools, thanks to which, the whole team can edit the same document at the same time, in real-time, and without losing changes.


Docs is the word processor of Google Workspace. Thanks to Docs, the overall drafting of any document is much easier, thus facilitating revision.


With sheets, you will be able to manage spreadsheets online, allowing access to the team members that have to work on it in real time.


With the Forms tool, you will be able to create forms to understand your client's opinions regarding an array of topics, as well as analyse the responses through simple graphs of results.


With this tool, creating team presentations has never been easier. All team members will be able to work on their section together, without losing information at each edit.

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Access your files from anywhere

Google Drive is one of the most powerful storage tools on the current market, forming part of Google Workspace services. Using cloud technology, you will be able access all your files instantly, from anywhere and from any device.

Thanks to its system of individual or shared spaces, you will be able to keep your files private and, at the same time, share those you need to with the rest of your team members. What’s more, the storage options are unlimited, therefore, you will not have to worry about losing space, creating as many files as are necessary.

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