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An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the enterprise resource planning system. At Ekuánime we are aware of its importance when it comes to companies being able to automate administration, production and distribution operations, in addition to the different sub-areas that comprise it.

As a result of its use, traceability and communication between departments are favored, as well as faster execution times for processes and the resolution of corporate problems.

The entity thus enjoys greater flexibility and control of operations. Proof of this is the possibility of adapting to the different vertical markets in which it operates. On the other hand, the efficient management of information allows more accurate and timely decisions to be made, which results in a considerable reduction in costs and an increase in profits. Never forget that information gives power, why refuse to control it if we have the possibility to do so?

We encourage you to put yourself in our hands!

At Ekuánime we have two custom ERPs: One for the agricultural world and agricultural cooperatives and another for aerospace companies. However, the differentiating element with respect to other existing tools on the market is proximity.

Other advantages include the following:

Personalization. A personalized parameterization is offered to the casuistry of each company. In other words, we adapt to your needs. We help you to continue growing and we do it with you thanks to the versatility of the development environment and the repository of available functions.

Unlicensed. Our ERP does not require any prior license payment because we operate with free software.

Multi platform. It is a perfectly executable system in all types of terminals and platforms.

Speed. Whenever you need it, you can count on a highly qualified technical team that will answer your questions and advise you on whatever you need.

Training. The client will never feel alone with the new management tool. We provide constant user-oriented training.