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Online Design and Branding

The pillars of a company’s image can be boiled down to two things: first, the offline experience we offer must also convey a polished image that helps to enhance our reputation. Second, online branding is one of the most important aspects to take into account, given the digitalisation of the business world. Both aspects are essential for the construction of a positive image of our business in the eyes of the public.

That’s why, at Ekuánime, we have a dedicated line of online design and branding services for businesses.

Leading tools in online marketing

Taking care of the image that our company projects to the outside world will always be the best investment. Therefore, we offer online branding services, bringing together different strategies to achieve the vision that we want potential customers to receive.

To achieve this, we have several options that include the design of online corporate material for companies, with the aim of creating the personality you are looking for.

We work on your company's branding

Corporate image design for businesses

Every time we send documentation, deliver projects, etc. via email, we are also creating an image of our brand. That's why we must take care of every detail, from a simple business card to the envelope in which we send corporate documents. The design of the online corporate image for companies is one of the services we offer within the line, taking charge of the creation of any online element that has the possibility of generating brand impact. We have a team of experts that are responsible for graphic identity design, naming, logos, brands, image audits, planning, standardisation, and implementation of the corporate image.

Digitial editorial design

In the digital age, online versus paper designs are becoming more important. That is why we are experts in the design and production of catalogues, brochures, magazines, books, company reports, interactive catalogues, etc. When visualising an editorial design, the first thing that comes to mind is not the content itself, but its design. Therefore, the importance of this presentation makes it necessary to count on the best professionals to achieve an eye-catching, professional result that is in line with the objectives. For this reason, at Ekuánime, we always work on the basis of our clients' requirements, advising them in order to achieve a design capable of generating a return on investment.