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Design and devlopment

Connecting with a digital audience is not easy. In the age of immediacy, change happens so fast that what is new today can be obsolete in a few months. Consumers are demanding, and at the same time as they are looking for a human and personalised service via web and e-commerce channels, they also expect to find the latest technology and design within the same service. Therefore, it is essential to have an expert partner in WordPress web design, online shop developmentand any field related to the digital face of a business.

At Ekuánime, you will not only find the top experts forming an e-Commerce agency, but you will also have the support of a whole team focused on creating your website or online shop, and improving it daily with the latest technology on the market.

Technology and UX for WordPress web design

Although a good technological base is an indispensable component in WordPress web design, we cannot forget that the ultimate user is, after all, a person. Therefore, at Ekuánime we have specialised in humanised web development, taking care of each internal detail to turn it into an up-to-date online space, without ever losing our empathy with the visitors.

Therefore, the user experience – or UX – is a fundamental component when carrying out any project in this field. Our team studies the client personally, identifies the image that works best for your target audience and captures it all on a ready-made canvas with the most cutting-edge aspects available. As such, all the websites that we create are completely adaptable to any device, with a fully responsive design.

Specialising in humanised web design

Complete website or web light: you decide

After years of experience in the field of online web design, we have identified various trends in the needs of each client that has confided in us. Based on this, we at Ekuánime offer two options:

Complete website

Designed for companies that have several products, services or lines of business. This type of website will have all the necessary sub-sections to cover all of the information that the client wishes to display in their virtual shop window. Its technological and creative component will be 100% adapted to the dimensional requirements of this type of website.

Web light

This type of web design is designed for those clients that wish to show their services in a reduced way. The dimensions will be smaller, but our team will, at all times, maintain the technological level, design quality, and empathy with the user that characterises us.

In any case, after an exhaustive study of your needs, our experts will always recommend the best option to achieve the objectives set with the creation of the website.

Specialising in humanised web design

Development of 100% customised online shops

At Ekuánime, we believe in the importance of showing your own personalised image as the only way of achieving success. Therefore, as an e-Commerce agency, we work on a 100% original online business creation from scratch, without relying on templates which, far from speeding up the sales process, are detrimental to the owner.

We work with the most efficient and intuitive platforms for the user, such as Prestashop or WooCommerce, using them as a base to create a unique product. However, if the user needs anything specific that these types of CMSs cannot provide us with, our team is prepared to develop a completely tailor-made solution.

e-Commerce, beyond a digital platform

The development of online shops doesn’t end with the design of the digital platform on which the sales will take place. Quite the opposite: far beyond this basis, at Ekuánime we offer a 360º service that includes elements such as the installation of a payment system, the installation of cybersecurity techniques with SSL certificates, SEO web positioning or the connection with your social network profiles to increase sales through interaction with the user.

In addition, whenever you need it, we will provide you with direct training from our experts, so that you can master your own online shop to perfection.

We create your online presence and help you to generate sales from it.