Digital Kit: Find out how they can help accelerate your business.

Digital Ads

Every day, millions of people spend time searching online or navigating through social media profiles. That’s why being there in the right place and at the right time, digitally speaking, is essential to achieving sales and customer recruitment. To achieve this online presence, at Ekuánime, we are committed to the management of paid campaigns or Digital Ads.

Visibility and outreach needs are not always the same, rather, they depend on the type of product or service the client is offering. For this reason, we have a team of publicists specialised in advertising campaign management, who will study your case and draw up a tailor-made plan to help you achieve your objectives.

Browsing our social media feeds has become almost instinctive. Therefore, getting our products or services to appear there can generate a lot of valuable impressions and sales opportunities.

At Ekuánime, we work to optimise the management of paid campaigns on social networks, so that optimal results are achieved with a budget adjusted to the client’s needs, obtaining a positive return on investment.

Social Ads, the management of paid campaigns on social media

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the quintessential social media network, one of the longest-lived and on which practically every type of company has a presence. Our team will study your needs together with you, determining the objectives of the paid Facebook campaign (customer acquisition, web traffic, increase of Likes, etc.), as well as the target audience, since thanks to the segmentation possibilities of Facebook Ads, we can choose exactly the type of audience we want for our ads. This way, expenditure will be lower and results will be in exactly what we want.

Instagram Ads

There isn't a single brand aimed at young people that has not achieved results through its Instagram presence. Therefore, investing in marketing on this platform is key to maintaining your current brand, especially if it is a fashion, catering, decoration or any other type of business whose target audience is people between 18 and 35 years old. Our team can help you reach your audience in an easy way and without a high budget expenditure.

LinkedIn Ads

For B2B companies, the best option for marketing on social media is, without a doubt, LinkedIn Ads. We will help you create an image for your products or services in the minds of the professionals of the sector you are targeting, thus creating business opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Other platforms

Besides the three biggest social networks at the moment, our Social Ads team is constantly researching any trend we detect. That's why we can offer you campaign management on social networks such as Pinterest, TikTok or any other platform, tailored to your business. What's more, we also work with media outlets to include sponsored content in their news sections.

Google Ads for the management of marketing campaigns

What if we could guess what users are going to search for on Google when they need your products or services, and put them in the first searchposition when this happens? Google Ads is Google’s marketing campaign management platform that allows us to find words that users use when looking for content similar to what we offer, and pay to appear in the first position of the search engine when they use them.

In addition, through Google Ads we can manage the inclusion of advertising in any of Google’s products, therefore allowing us to appear in a large number of locations with millions of daily uses. As a partner agency of Google Ads, we will manage your campaigns in the most efficient and professional manner possible.

Search network

Search network campaigns are those that will show your ad only when the user makes a query on Google using related keywords. Therefore, thanks to our techniques for optimising pay-per-click campaigns, you only pay for the visits you receive via your ad, maximising your sales opportunities with a smaller budget.

Display network

Thanks to this type of Google Ads campaign, your ad can appear as a banner on all types of websites, blogs or online media at a reduced fee. Our specialised SEM team will study your needs and select the right ways to target customers, so that your image are appears on the right websites.


YouTube is the largest video platform on the web, as well as the second largest search engine at the moment. As a result, the management of advertising campaigns on YouTube is a service that is increasing in demand. We can manage the appearance of ads in videos uploaded onto the platform so that the potential audience of your products is exposed to your ideas before or during the viewing of the audiovisual content.

Other options

Besides the three biggest options on Google Ads, we work with any type of campaign, based on the needs of the customer. Also, we are a partner agency of Bing Ads, due to which, we are able to embed your ads on this search engine, as a complementary strategy to Google Ads.

At Ekuánime we do not go out looking for your audience: we work so that they find you.