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Cyber-security – Kit Digital

At Ekuánime we offer cybersecurity services, with the objective of preventing and solving these types of attacks while keeping your digital information safe at all times.


Subsidised by digital award for 12 months:

Self-employed/ Business III
0 < 3 employees

125€/device (Up to 2 devices)
230€/device by adding a SOC

Self-employed/ Business II
3 < 9 employees

125€/device (Up to 9 devices)
230€/device by adding a SOC

Self-employed/ Business I
10 < 50 employees

125€/device (Up to 48 devices)
230€/device by adding a SOC



Secure mail

Domain and hosting

Secure navigation

Threat analysis and detection

Online monitoring

Initial configuration and security updates

Why choose us as your Cybersecurity Digital Agent for the Digital Kit?

  • We have cyber-security professionals.
  • You will have a counselling service via email and telephone from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 18:00 and Friday from 8:00 to 15:00.

If you would like Ekuánime to be the Digital Agent for cyber-security for Kit Digital, contact us through the form on our website, or call 603 855 586. We will inform you about everything you need!

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