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Content Marketing

A good content strategy is the foundation of any successful digital marketing campaign. Nowadays, it is not enough to find a social media management company that simply creates posts without a specific purpose. At Ekuánime, we understand content marketing as a whole: a combination of strategies on social networks, creating content and e-mail marketing that complement each other, with the aim of attracting the ideal customer who will end up buying your product or service.

We work under the premises of Inbound Marketing, combining several disciplines in a single work methodology customised for each client, putting all our resources at the disposal of their needs. To do this, we have a multidisciplinary team, made up of journalists, publicists and SEO experts in constant training, who will study your brand and create the perfect strategy to increase your sales from scratch.

Community Management has become so popular in recent years that we often make the mistake of thinking that this simple process is enough to orchestrate a company’s digital content plan. Far from it. The management of social media involves more in-depth work that involves knowing the brand and its audience, to determine the key to connecting with the audience.

At Ekuánime, we base our strategy in a series of steps carried out by various professionals, creating a social media plan that is planned to the T, considering all possible scenarios.

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Brand and target audience study

From the get go, our expert Social Media Marketing staff will get involved in it as if they were a member of your team. We will analyse your track record and characteristics, as well as those of similar brands in the sector, to determine what type of audiences will be our target, and will thus be able to work on a personalised plan.

Content proposal

In order to never lose the coordination between your company and our team, we will draw up an initial proposal for the line of content that we will follow in the determined social profiles, based on previous research. This way, you will always know that the content created will be in line with the philosophy and brand image you want to convey.

Creation and regular monitoring

With the agreed content lines, we will start producing audiovisual content for social media platform, always responding to current trends. To do this, we have a design and editorial team of professionals who will understand your brand and reflect its spirit in every publication. In addition, we will constantly monitor each of them to understand how audience preferences are evolving and base our strategy on them.

Guaranteed results

Our team will periodically prepare a results report in which you will be able to observe the evolution of your social media content strategy. In this way, our customers are always informed about what is working, so that we can decide together on the next steps to continue on the path to success.

Experts in online content writing in Seville

Another fundamental pillar of a content marketing strategy is content writing. To achieve this, our team of journalists joins forces with the SEO experts at Ekuánime, resulting in quality content prepared to achieve a good level of online positioning.

This makes us stand out as more than just a social media management company or a Community Manager in Seville, as we not only manage to attract the user to the content, but we also have the ability to add the informative touch that immediately captures the reader. In both the creation of corporate texts for the web and the writing of content for blogs, we adapt our work to both the requirements of search engine algorithms and to the more human preferences of readers.

E-mail marketing as a loyalty strategy

As a social media management company, we know that a strategy isn’t complete without an element of customer loyalty. It is easy to get a customer to make their first purchase, but after this step, we must get them to rely on our services again when they need them in the future.
That’s why, at Ekuánime, we believe in the power of E-mail marketing. Especially in the case of e-Commerce, it is an extremely useful tool to stay connected with customers, sending them offers and discounts on a regular basis, thus encouraging them to return to your website to make purchases.

What’s more, we also believe in the informative use of this tool, to keep clients informed of all the developments and milestones of your company. Simply consult our team of experts and we will find the right email marketing strategy for you.

At Ekuánime we don’t follow Content Marketing trends; we create them.