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Online security is one of the aspects of a company that must be taken care of the most when carrying out its activity on the network. That is why at Ekuánime we help our clients by taking their protection one step further, managing different CDNs.

If you are wondering what a CDN is, at Ekuánime we want to answer all your questions: it is a cloud-based, highly scalable, secure and high-performance cybersecurity solution. Protect networks from cyber threats by deploying small nodes at customer premises to inspect suspicious or malicious content and automatically block it before it reaches the network or customer data.

Another of the main functions it has is the optimization of website loading: it speeds up response times and improves the user experience. To this is added the protection of the contents and the improvement in the positioning of the web pages.

Using a CDN provides all types of organizations with the highest level of protection against malware infections both within the corporate perimeter and across the enterprise, regardless of size or complexity.

Due to its importance for SMEs and large companies, at Ekuánime we offer the CND management service to protect our clients through the main platforms:

  • Cloudflare: One of the largest global networks currently on the market for the security and performance of a company.
  • Google Cloud CDN: The great search engine has not wanted to miss the opportunity to make a CDN available to its customers for the privacy and security of their data.
  • Amazon CloudFront: The giant Amazon is also part of these services thanks to its content delivery network with which they offer high performance and security.
  • OVHcloud CDN: It is one of the most complete CDNs for improving security protection due to all the options it offers.

We manage different CDNs to improve security protection and web load optimization

Put yourself in our hands and we will manage the CDN that best suits your company

At Ekuánime we care about the online security of our customers, so we suggest that they have our CDN service to improve security protection and web load optimization. We will take care of carrying out its management and maintenance for you.

Protect yourself with Ekuanime! I’m sure that both your company and your clients will appreciate that extra security that you invest in them. Contact us if you are interested in receiving more information.