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Although the location of a business, at first glance may seem purely physical, the truth is that nowadays, it is closely related to the digital universe. Knowing the characteristics and factors surrounding where your business is located is vital to achieving a good marketing strategy.

For this reason, at Ekuánime, we offer a location-based marketing service, through which we will study the characteristics of your potential customers and apply geolocalised marketing techniques in order to consolidate them and convert them into regular client’s through digital channels.

Simply put, geomarketing is about showing the exact location of your business when a potential customer is looking for a service similar to yours.

Knowing all the actors that make up the location space of your business is vital to the understanding of customer behaviour. For this reason, we have a team of experts who will analyse every detail by using the most advanced geolocalised marketing techniques, applying the latest technology to do so.

From there, we will draw up an action plan that will strengthen localisation through digital presence, offering valuable information to users so that they can find you physically when they search for services similar to yours.

We study your space to help you generate sales

Localisation Marketing for small and large companies

Whether you have a small shop somewhere in the city, a restaurant chain or a franchise, location marketing can help you achieve your goals. At Ekuánime, we work with the most cutting-edge geomarketing platforms, such as Google Maps or Google My Business, with the intention of optimising the appearance of your business in the searches of potential customers who are closeby.

Having a geolocated presence is very important now, living in the era of digital dependency to find any kind of information. Therefore, regardless of the line of business you work in, geolocalised marketing techniques will be of great help to make yourself known, improve your company’s image and generate new sales opportunities.

We place your business exactly where your customers need it to be.