Digital Kit: Find out how they can help accelerate your business.

Get to know us

We are not just a communications agency. Ekuánime is the bringing together of digital creativity and technology that can help you achieve business success, going through a complete digital transformation.

We are a young and experienced team that understands the digital ecosystem as if it were our own, as it has been part of practically every stage of our lives. Therefore, we identify the trends of the moment, steering and adapting them to the needs of your business, thereby facilitating its management, and generating sales opportunities through online channels.

Since the establishment of the company in 2021, we have lost our fear of taking risks, so learning and implementing the latest market techniques is a part of our day-to-day work. This keeps us at the forefront of the market, serving as a benchmark for other digital services companies.

More than just a communications company in Seville

At Ekuánime, we believe in the union of synergies in order to successfully achieve goals. For this reason, our team is made up of different character profiles, such as journalists, publicists, designers and technical staff, who combine their skills to offer 360º solutions for any business.

The high technological component that we have is precisely what positions us as more than just a simple communication agency in Seville. Not only do we offer customised digital marketing solutions adapted to current trends, but we also have technical resources that provide extra security, customisation and adaptability to any platform or strategy that is required.

We don’t follow the norm. At Ekuánime, we will always be a step ahead.

Beyond marketing

Thanks to our philosophy based on helping companies to achieve success through their presence in the digital world, we also offer services beyond marketing and communication, although they are not unrelated.

All the processes and solutions we offer to our customers are initially applied in our own company. Therefore, we can safely speak from experience when we say that they will be successful in their implementation. Thanks to this, we have technological solutions such as cybersecurity audits and the installation and administration of Google Workspace services.

Only by bringing together the different aspects of new technologies can we achieve optimal results. At Ekuánime, we are experts in this.